Moving Into a New House With Children? This Can Be a Stressful Scenario, But it Doesn’t Have to Be. Read These Tips to Make the Move a Swift One

It’s easy for parents to feel completely stressed and overwhelmed during a move, and the weeks leading up to it; actually, it usually causes a lot of fights between spouses. Things can get pretty complicated once you add in schools activities, friends and travel time. It isn’t a secret that moving with kids can be tough, but what is mildly surprising is that most parents regret buying their house. There are many reasons, but here are some ways that parents can avoid regretting their home decision.

 Most home buyers are aware that they are going to have to make some compromises, but you need to be able to separate a compromise from an actual deal breaker. The largest regret is commute time. Be honest about whether you can live with driving 45 minutes every day to take your kids to school, and another 15 to get to work.

Also don’t kid yourself on what deal breakers you have in regards to home features. For example, if you want a big yard, a playroom, and a large patio, don’t compromise. If you know you need those things, don’t settle for a house without them because you are wow-ed by it the rest of it.

Don’t forget to factor in the costs for all of the home. It’s going to cost you more than just a mortgage. You’ll have taxes, utilities, maintenance, to name a few. Money is one of the biggest things couples fight over after buying a house. You can avoid this if you both are completely prepared for what you will be spending. 

You should absolutely also consider hiring someone to watch the kids while they spend a day visiting houses, and should only bring kids along when you’ve narrowed down the options.

Getting your kids set up in their new school can pose its own challenges; it can take over a month to get them fully settled in. Study your options regarding babysitters well before you move to make the transition easier. You won’t fully settle into your home for about a year. If you’re having a tough time after a few months, don’t be upset. It takes time to acclimate to a new area and a brand new house.

Ask for help!
The number one way to ease stress during a move is to ask for help. Ask someone to babysit, and call a housekeeper to clean. It may seem like you can do it all yourself, but you can’t. Also, sometimes its more worth it to spend money in order to spare yourself from major strain. You can’t put a cost on happiness, sometimes.


  1. If you are moving into a new house and you have is the best tip I can give you. HIRE MOVERS. You will not regret it, but you will regret it if you don’t. It makes things so much easier. You can leave the kids with a babysitter for the day, and everything will be packed and unpacked for you. No dealing with screaming, or crying, or fighting over toys.

  2. You can. You can at least hire movers for certain parts. You don’t have to have them pack your entire house, you can choose certain rooms. If you’ve found the money to buy a house, you can find the money for some movers.

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